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As a business owner, you're not legally required to carry business insurance. But you could lose everything if you don't. Talk to JSH Family Group LLC about the available types of business insurance to ensure your company is adequately covered.

We'll discuss your business and its assets to determine the proper amount of coverage. Different insurance options offer distinct coverage when it comes to your building and personal property.

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Discover the different insurance options available

Discover the different insurance options available

There are risks to running a business of any size. That's why you want to protect your property and assets if someone gets injured. We'll walk you through the various coverage options, including:

  • General liability
  • Workers compensation
  • Commercial auto
  • Property insurance
  • Bonds

Insurance can protect your company from lawsuits, breach of contract and weather. Get the peace of mind you need by calling 561-499-2550 for an insurance quote in Boynton Beach, FL.